What's New In iOS 11

By now, I am sure that you've heard all about Apple's brand new smartphone releases: the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. They are armed with iOS 11, which is Apple's newest portable operating platform. It's so many innovative capabilities, yet it's still simple enough to use for calls, texts, and also looking up a free SMS tracker without installing on target phone. Apple really wanted to create iOS 11 as user friendly as possible.

Here are some of its new features that'll make with your iPhone easier than ever before.

One-Handed Typing

I'm surprised this feature hasn't been devised earlier! Like many people, when I'm multi-tasking, I can't always type with two hands. Besides the default computer keyboard, now you can select from a left-handed and a right-handed keyboard on iOS 11. This tends to make it so much easier to immediately send a text out once you are at the center of clean up or putting off markets.

Improved Maps

One of my favorite options of iOS 11 is the Maps update. Not only can it assist you to get to your destination, but if you should be in a mall or airport, it is going to inform you where specific stores and restaurants are. Plus, if you're a parent working with a free SMS tracker without installing on target phone, you can see exactly where your child is.

Updated Control Center

Control Center has always been convenient, and now it's even better. It's completely customizable so you can organize your programs in whatever way you'd like. Plus, using iOS 11 3D signature feature, you can easily pick from multiple possibilities for some applications.

Screen Recordings it's possible to create a video tutorial in minutes with iOS 11 new screen recording feature.

It looks just like Apple's comprehended that screen shots can only go so far. iOS 11 currently permits you to capture an image of your screen and share it with others. This feature is ideal for record videos, in addition to tutorials that require several actions and explanations.

Type To Siri

Using iOS 11, now you can communicate with Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, via text. Personally, I adore this feature when I'm in public place and do not wish to disturb anyone by using my microphone. Siri will answer your own questions and requests as efficiently as ever without having a disruption.

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